Regression therapy is when a therapist takes a client back into their past lives or events although it is not only used for past lives it is also used for past events that may have some bearing on the clients problem. Regression is commonly used for phobias and fears as it is highly likely the phobia relates to a past event (a childhood event) and working with the event will sometimes be helpful in removing the phobia or fear.

This technique is used if you believe in past lives and is used to recover memories in the hope that these memories will help the client reveal why they might be struggling with certain issues in their life and then hopefully will explain who they are and why they are like this and is useful for working with anxiety and gender dysphoria or events that need to be examined. This therapy is a holistic therapy and works with the mind, body, emotions and spirit and the regression can be free floating which is allowing your mind to float back to the past lives or it would be regressive direct therapy which is a therapy that takes the client back step by step through their lives.  



This technique allows the mind to travel and to recall events from different years or even recall an event and details from the previous night out. Events can be traumatic experiences that we do not wish to remember as they were repressed out of our awareness as some memories maybe upsetting and uncomfortable and stored in our unconscious such as traumatic memories that we encounter as children and through regression hypnotherapy a therapist can reveal the clients hidden pain and obstacles such as self sabotage in these events and very often regression therapy can help heal the wounds and conflicts that the client experiences in everyday life.

TIMELINE REGRESSION (originated from (NLP) and Erickson Hypnotherapy)  

It is helpful in freeing the clients from negative emotions such as fear, shame, anger, grief, heartbreak, guilt and limiting beliefs and is highly effective in treating depression, anxiety, chronic physical conditions and PTSD, also clients that suffer with low self esteem and can feel stuck in their lives and those which suffer from emotional and psychological components.

"If you are CURIOUS about who YOU WERE

in the PAST LIFE, and how PAST LIVES affect your

current life- THEN TRY HYPNOSIS"


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Psychiatrist Dr Weiss recommended hypnosis for phobias and he believes that phobias can go back to previous lives and experiences and through hypnosis the client then confronts his or her fears and becomes desensitized to the fears.

Hypnotherapy individual sessions £55.00 (Block bookings of 6 sessions £300.00 saving £30.00) Payment is required before a session begins and payment for block bookings is required before the first session begins. If you  would like to book an appointment or find out more about dealing with Regression and Timeline contact Lorraine on:  07968 449353 or email.


This is only a Face to face session in my Practice.