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ties HEALTH and our BODIES TOGETHER" - Thomas Dekker

Scientific Research makes clear that sleep is essential at any age. Sleep powers the mind, restores the body and fortifies virtually every system in the body

Tension, worry and anxiety being a possible explanation that is stopping you from falling asleep may fade away as the positive and relaxing suggestions are planted by hypnotherapy to help your mind and body to relax

While it’s normal and to be expected that sleeping patterns and habits will shift in times of stress and change, it’s important to take steps to change the pattern before it becomes a habit. If you were to ask a doctor what they’d recommend for poor sleep they may prescribe a range of different interventions including hypnotherapy. This can include teaching you stress reduction tools, sleep hygiene and finding and removing the causes of anxiety and worry that may be the cause for your poor sleep. Poor sleep can feel like a recurring nightmare. A bad nights sleep leads to a muffled mindset, which leads to problems during the day, which leads to another bad nights sleep. If your sleep problems persist, seek help. It is strongly advisable to visit your GP and therapies such as hypnotherapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy and reflexology can really help as long as there are no underlying health issues causing insomnia. .


Hypnotherapy is safe and effective and a positive option. If you are not getting a good night's sleep and traditional treatments are not working, then see if hypnotherapy can help you get the sleep you so deserve.


There are many potential causes for insomnia and sometimes there may be a combination of factors to include:-

  • Physical health conditions

  • Mental health conditions

  • Anxiety

  • Lifestyle

The number of sessions needed will be dependant on your personal circumstances. Some clients will only need the one session where others may require more at a deeper level. Clients who suffer from insomnia that is caused by stress, anxiety, or similar reasons hypnotherapy sessions may be the best answer. If you suspect that you may be suffering from insomnia, it is important to first speak to your GP. They will eliminate any health conditions that maybe causing your sleepless nights. If you would like to book an appointment or find out more about dealing with insomnia please contact Lorraine on 07968 449353 or email.


Research shows that exercise levels in line with World Health Organisation recommendations for cardiovascular health (that is, at least 30 minutes of moderate activity per day at least five time per week) can also improve mood and sleep quality

Hypnotherapy individual sessions £55.00 (Block bookings of 6 sessions £300.00 saving £30.00) Payment is required before a session begins and payment for block bookings is required before the first session begins. If you  would like to book an appointment or find out more about dealing with insomnia contact Lorraine on:  07968 449353 or emailFace to face sessions in my Practice or online - Zoom hypnotherapy.