"care for your INNER CHILD and HEAL IT,

when you do so you are healing yourself for

a BETTER you"


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“Let go of who you think you are so that you become who you should be”

No matter what age we are, inside all of us we have an 'inner child'. Depending on how 'our child' is feeling our behaviour and emotions will be reflected in our adult selves. If for instance, our Inner Child is hurt or frightened, then that's how we are in our adult life. We may witness other people responding in a child-like way in certain situations, or recognise in ourselves that we are reacting in an immature or overly-emotional way. Maybe a trigger has us running an automatic 'programme' that our adult self can see is inappropriate, but we can't seem to stop it, our Inner Child influences us all the time.


If you are carrying emotional baggage from your younger years and  wish to heal your Inner Child to live a more contented life then please contact Lorraine however as the client will need a willingness on their part to communicate with their child/self whilst in hypnosis.

It is helpful for clients who have had a difficult childhood, including those who have suffered physical or sexual abuse. Inner Child Healing can be a very liberating experience, and can work just as well with logical people as with those more inclined to self-reflection. It’s a very creative therapy which allows a client to tap into their imagination and to use their own creative resources to connect with their inner self and to experience healing at a deep level. For those who are unaware of the source of their problems or pain, Inner Child Healing can be a great way to reconnect with their child-self.

Another benefit is that to some extent it can be 'content-free'. This means that individuals don't have to reveal the details of conversations or interactions they have with their inner child unless they choose to; it therefore gives the client a degree of control over the therapy process. Inner Child Healing can be a wonderful therapeutic process.

Hypnotherapy individual sessions £55.00 for a one hour session, (Block bookings of 6 sessions £300.00 saving £30.00) Payment is required before a session begins and payment for block bookings is required before the first session begins. If you  would like to book an appointment or find out more about dealing with Inner Child contact Lorraine on:  07968 449353 or email. Face to face sessions in my Practice or online - Zoom hypnotherapy.