"begin a HEALING journey that leads to RECONNECTION

"Restore a natural balance in a warm peaceful haven with clarity and harmony and recognise the importance holistic therapies play in maintaining good health and wellbeing."

Lorraine offers holistic treatments to enable you to become aligned with your second nature and feel connected with the world around you, nurturing your mental and physical wellbeing has become of the essence.

Lorraine has had 18 years experience within the beauty and holistic industry and has been fortunate to have worked as a therapist in Spa’s enabling her to progress her treatments with excellent training and product knowledge.

Lorraine has had the opportunity to carry out treatments with some lovely clients who were in the last months and years of their lives suffering from conditions such as alzheimer's, strokes, cancer and PTSD and other illnesses providing an empathic and holistic approach which was emotionally challenging and strengthening in her own character building but also so very rewarding.

Lorraine has had experience working as a lecturer at the Bournemouth College teaching Beauty Therapy which involved building strong rapports with students and having an open and honest relationship with them, which involved having an abundance of patience but which was also very enriching.



A customized massage with pre-blended oils to relieve tension and mental stress induces a wonderful sense of wellbeing and rejuvenation 

Price £55

Time 60 Minutes 


Reflexology is a holistic therapy that involves the application of pressure to certain points or reflex areas on the feet to remove energy blockages and encourages the body to heal from within.


Fatigue/anxiety/insomnia/digestive and respiratory issues/frequent headaches/menopausal symptoms/muscular tension/poor immunity/low mood and lots more.

Price £55

60 Minutes 
(Recommended every 2 weeks for optimal health) 


A massage of the lower legs and feet. Originated 2000 years ago and still taught by the Buddhist monks in temples in Thailand. This treatment offers elements of shiatsu, yoga, reflexology and Chinese massage. A stick is used to apply pressure to reflex points and can help correlating body parts thus giving the receiver a holistic treatment allowing deep relaxation, resulting in a centered energy and wonderful feeling of wellbeing.



Improves circulation and lymph drainage/boosts immune system/reduces stiffness/relieves stress/improves sleep/elevates mood/improves concentration and clarity of mind/creates feelings of tranquility, calmness and wellbeing.

Price £55

Time 60 Minutes 


Indian head massage is based on Ayurvedic 
healing with techniques applied to the upper part of the body and head and collectively represent a destressing programme for the whole body to maintain a healthy balance.


Increased circulation to head, neck and shoulders/ relieves muscular tension and fatigue/ can relieve headaches/reduces blood pressure, stress and anxiety/ promotes sleep/helps improve condition of skin and hair/improves joint mobility/restores energy flow creating a feeling of balance and harmony.

Price £35

Time 30 Minutes 


A gentle and non-invasive soothing treatment, which can offer relief to problems in the ear, nose and throat areas. 


An alternative to syringing to clear excess wax/helps with snoring/helps with pressure in the ear before flying and scuba diving/helps alleviate earache and headaches/ induces a pleasant warmth and balance of pressure in the ears and forehead.

Price £35

Time 30 Minutes 

If you would like to find out more about bringing balance into your life with treatments that pamper your mind body and soul with organic products and alternative therapies then please call Lorraine on 07968 449353 or email.

Beauty Therapy

City and Guilds - NVQ Level 2 and 3

Poole Adult Learning – Hopi Ear Candles

Training Solutions – Indian Head Massage

London School of Thai Massage – Thai Foot Massage

Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology (ITEC)

Testimonial: "The whole experience is relaxing, rejuvenating and spiritual. Regular massage treatments really improved my back and neck tension and Lorraine makes you feel totally as ease and pampered"- Linda 

Testimonial:  "I have had many treatments with Lorraine which certainly has helped to quiet my mind and release any tension and is a truly restorative experience" – Tracy