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“Clinical hypnotherapy has a proven record in treating anxiety, stress, PTSD and other similar issues” says the National Council for Hypnotherapy​“


Psychiatric effects could be caused by the immune response to the virus itself, or by psychological stressors such as social isolation from family and friends, deaths, job losses/insecurities, illness, hardships, challenges and difficulties and we need to look at how to heal and nurture ourselves from our lockdown experience which has fit some mentally and physically. Psychological impact of a novel severe and potentially fatal illness, concerns about infecting others, and stigma” said the researchers.

The results of covid 19 highlight growing concerns about potential debilitating health complications for survivors of the disease. While effective treatments for anxiety, depression and PTSD exist, it’s known that many with these conditions delay seeking help but please remember you are not alone. 






During hypnotherapy sessions, sufferers can learn to come to terms with their trauma and gain a sense of control over their fears and anxieties they may be experiencing by focusing on realistic thoughts, they can avoid falling back into negative thinking patterns whenever they encounter a trigger and explore ways of looking after yourself.

Talking these feelings out is good medicine for the mind so if you would like to call Lorraine 07968 449353 today.

"A study from Italy found that 50% of hospitalised survivors from covid 19 have significantly worse mental health than before their illness"

Hypnotherapy individual sessions £55.00 (Block bookings of 6 sessions £300.00 saving £30.00) Payment is required before a session begins and payment for block bookings is required before the first session begins. If you  would like to book an appointment or find out more about dealing with Covid-19 contact Lorraine on:  07968 449353 or email. Face to face sessions in my Practice or online - Zoom hypnotherapy.