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Hypnosis for fertility helps to get you mentally, emotionally and physically ready for conceiving a baby and has a success rate of almost double that of IVF alone. Infertility isn’t always a physical issue, it can be linked to emotional and mental issues such as depression levels which can also affect the successful chances of conception by half. 





Stress and anxiety levels also rise the longer a couple is trying to conceive. During chronic stress, progesterone production is reduced as the body favours the production of cortisol to reduce stress, and low progesterone levels have been linked to fertility issues. By using mind-body methods which lower the hormone, ovulation happens more regularly. Another potential reason for infertility is fear around pregnancy and giving birth. These fears can lead to the muscles around the woman’s fallopian tubes contracting at the time of ovulation, therefore preventing you from becoming pregnant. The body responds to the subconscious fears by making conception impossible. Hypnotherapy for infertility can help you to reduce stress, depression and anxiety by giving you tools that put you back in control of your body.

Feeling calm and positive can help if you are trying to become pregnant. It isn't guaranteed to make you pregnant but it does cause less stress on your body.


Hypnobirthing has become very popular recently and is a method of pain management, involving a mixture of visualisation, relaxation and deep breathing techniques to help women during labour and birth. Breathing exercises have long been part of antenatal classes, but hypnobirthing takes this and adds mindfulness techniques and positive affirmations to help and empower mums-to-be concentrate on their body and mind connection, in the lead up to, during and after the birth of their baby.

Studies on Hypnobirthing:-

• Reduces the length of labour
• Decreases the use of pain relief in labour including epidurals
• Reduces the risk of intervention
• Increases the likelihood of vaginal birth
• Is associated with improved maternal wellbeing and satisfaction.

Babies that are born to mums that have practiced hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques during labour may also have better neonatal outcomes including being calmer, sleeping and feeding better. Hypnobirthing doesn’t guarantee you a complication-free childbirth, but it does give you the right techniques to help deal with whatever comes your way. Hypnotherapy it is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and safe therapies to use during pregnancy and birth. Hypnobirthing is designed to help you achieve a calm, gentle and safe birth - no matter what turns your birthing might take and empowers you to welcome your baby in a calm and positive way giving you the techniques and tools you need to feel confident about your babies arrival. You may need a course of sessions to help work towards the type of birth you want so if you would like to contact Lorraine please don't hesitate to call.

The British Medical Journal found that Clinical Hypnotherapy is more effective than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in alleviating levels of depression, anxiety and stress. Other research into hypnosis for fertility has discovered that hypnotherapy can lower a woman’s levels of a hormone called prolactin which suppresses ovulation. 

Research has shown that women dealing with infertility have depression scores significantly higher than women without infertility, and that these levels of depression rise, the longer a woman is infertile.

Hypnotherapy individual sessions £55.00 (Block bookings of 6 sessions £300.00 saving £30.00) Payment is required before a session begins and payment for block bookings is required before the first session begins. If you  would like to book an appointment or find out more about dealing with Pregnancy or Fertility contact Lorraine on:  07968 449353 or email. Face to face sessions in my Practice or online - Zoom hypnotherapy.